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news from: 01|27|2012

UK Solar Provider Complete 33.12 kWp Project in Croydon, Royston

UK Solar Provider are delighted to announce that we recently completed a 33.12 kWp on a barn near Royston!

It was a bit of a struggle, given the the chaos of the solar industry, but we managed to complete the 33.12 kWp project and get it registered for fits before the December deadline!

Using 138 Aleo S19 230W panels and two x SMA Tri-power 15000 inverters, only the finest in solar components were installed.

The installation is on a barn in Valley Court which happens to neighbour our main UK office!

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news from: 09|27|2011

UK Solar Provider Announce Partnership With Low Carbon Exchange

UK Solar Provider to help deliver large-scale solar PV installations

Low Carbon Exchange Ltd. is a specialist provider of solar PV to social housing and UK housing associations. Through their experience and flexibility they have attracted over a thousand solar PV installations per month throughout 2011.

Low Carbon Exchange came to us at UK Solar Provider due to our experience and reputation in project management for large-scale solar PV installations on all types of roofs, from schools to pension homes and other such building structures.

With many projects lined up, the partnership between our two companies looks to be an exciting and successful one.

You can read more about the Low Carbon Exchange program over at their official website and also at the Solar Power Portal website.


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news from: 08|01|2011

UK Solar Provider Completes Its First 95 kWp Project Near Royston

UK Solar Provider Ltd is delighted to announce it has completed a 95 kWp system in south Cambridgeshire at Vine farm last week.

Our first major project here in the UK got off to a slightly rocky start in that planning permission delayed the start of the project by two months. Going into full planning became a necessity in order to allow the tilting of the panels on the east/west facing roof so that it faces the south (in order to capture maximum sunlight for the system to be as efficient as possible).

With components of the highest quality from Aleo (a company owned by Bosch) and SMA, the system is mounted on 3 grain stores with the installation comprising of 416 Aleo 230W panels, 4 SMA 15000 inverters and 2 SMA 17000 TL inverters.

The system itself will generate clean and green energy, of which 40% will be exported to the grid and 60% will be used on site for grain drying, saving the owners of the farm much money through reduced energy bills and income from the feed-in-tariff.

With an impressive performance ratio of 80.7%, the system will produce around 91,532 kWh per year, saving 81 tonnes of CO2 emission. The SMA webbox will monitor the performance and reliability of the system 24/7, ensuring maximum functionality at all times.

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